Contact Me

Thank you for your interest in contacting me! I am excited to discuss fandoms I am interested, especially otome games and visual novels.

I want you to play my game!

Awesome! If you’ve read some of my posts, you’ve probably noticed that I play just about any otome game, but I am also up for playing other visual novels. I might even do other types of games. Just ask! I talk about some of my otome and game preferences on my about page if you wanted to try and judge how I’d react to your game ahead of time.

I have an otome project. Would you like to help?

Probably! I really enjoy working on patches, fan projects, and official otome game projects as well. All of my experience has been as an editor/proofreader, and subtitling videos. You can see my otome/vn contributions on my projects page. Go ahead and message me about it~

What if I want to contact you for something else?

That’s fine too! Feel free to contact me for game suggestions, to say hi, or anything else. The only things I ask are to not spam me with a bunch of messages, or to send me insulting things (like hate mail or anything of that nature, etc.).

Ways to contact me:

  • Email me at sonicnancyfan[@]
  • Leave a comment somewhere on my blog
  • Message me on social media


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