NaNoRenO Reviews

People who read my content know that I love finding indie games. Passion projects or just people trying to make a game for the heck of it. NaNoRenO lets people come together to make a game for whatever reason and have a team all dedicated to its completion. It’s such a great place for visual novels of all kinds to be made by people who otherwise wouldn’t have made any. This is also going to be a list of all the NaNoRenO games released throughout the years.

Also, I plan on playing most of these at some point, but I just am not a fan of playing demos/WiP’s of upcoming games. I’ll list them here, but I don’t really plan on reviewing any demos at this time. The lists below will make note of what is CURRENTLY a demo, not what was a demo at the time.

Most of my information on games released comes from this thread:

NaNoRenO 2020

NaNoRenO 2018-2019

NaNoRenO 2016-2017

NaNoRenO 2011-2015

NaNoRenO 2005-2010

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