Danganronpa Fangames

I plan on playing as many Danganronpa fangames as possible, so these are all of the Danganronpa fangames I have heard about. Once I have played them and reviewed them, the reviews will be linked here. I may eventually include bigger fangames (like Danganronpa Rebirth), but for now, this list will only include more obscure games, primarily from tumblr.

Do note, several of these games are spoilerific, especially for DR1 and DR2, so play them at your own risk. My reviews won’t have spoilers, and I will tell you if the game will spoil anything so you know if it’s okay to play.

= Games I really liked
= Not bad, but not great
= Run


Not Romance

  • Dangan Fairytale
  • Obagami

Not a Visual Novel

  • Dangan Ronpa: Kibou Dakkan
  • Fukawa-chan~cisppl
  • Danganhell
  • OfflineTV DanganRonpa
  • Danganronpa Zero Memory Lapse
  • Togaemi
  • Danganronpa Cluedo Edition

Games I Can’t Find Downloads For

  • Hagakrue
  • Ishimaru
  • Hinataugh
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