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{CD Review} Code: Realize Character CD 5~Saint Germain Limited Edition

 photo Saint Cover_zpsxgfvml2m.jpg photo Saint Back_zpsvr96mr8q.jpg

While Saint Germain is not my favorite character, I really like Hirakawa Daisuke’s voice (Laito yaaaas~) so this wound up being my favorite character song (as I expected it would be, but I’m biased lol)

Song list:
01 運命の旅人
02 運命の旅人(Off Vocal)
03 とある一夜の語らいにて~The side of Saint-Germain~

The character song is 4:43 long and the drama is 21:45. Hooray for all Saint Germain fans, that is one long drama track. Too bad most of sounds depressing.

 photo Saint Germain Booklet Inside_zps7rgpsvz9.jpg

Unfortunately, there are no English lines in the song, which I guess could be considered good or bad given the pronunciation.  The google translate of the song title is ‘Traveler’s Fate’ and given ‘unmei’ was in Reiji’s (Diabolik Lovers) character song title and that has the word ‘fate’ in it, I’m going to assume it’s right (my convoluted thought process lol).

I do have one complaint though, while it would be difficult for me to dislike this song, at times the background music contrasts with his lower voice. I mean, Hirakawa Daisuke’s voice isn’t THAT low, but the verses sound like they were meant to be sung higher than they are. Maybe it’s just me. The chorus sounds fine though, and that’s the most prominent part. Still, Lupin’s song is really catchy and I’m sure I’m going to switch off which song I like more.

 photo Saint CD_zpsdrh75tik.jpg
Yay, purple for the win. I was expecting it to be a lilac color instead of a violet to match Saint Germain’s hair a bit more.

 photo Saint Charm_zpsqfwe637o.jpg photo Saint Icon_zpsheqrzjrt.jpg
The limited edition came with a Saint Germain charm. Personally, I like this charm design the most. I think shading of his hair looks really nice and I really like his signature having a heart.XD

As per usual, I would recommend buying the limited edition if you wanted to buy the CD’s anyway. If you’re not sure which of the CD’s to buy, I’d recommend Lupin’s and Saint Germain’s as I think their songs are the best.


{CD Review} Code: Realize Character CD 4~Impey Barbicane Limited Edition

 photo Impey Cover_zpst27pwhk5.jpg photo Impey Back_zps4boj2mh1.jpg

Wow, I am late with this one; especially since my Saint Germain CD just came in today lol. Anyway, Impey’s CD came with the 3 tracks like usual.

Song list:
01 Trip to the moon
02 Trip to the moon (off vocal)
03 ミニドラマ とある一夜の語らいにて~The side of Impey Barbicane~

The character song is 3:28 long and the drama is 13:05. Seems like Impey’s getting the short end of the stick compared to Victor.

Now, since the CD was made in Japan, I suppose I can’t really complain too much but that fact that only ‘Trip’ is capitalized in the title of the song bothers me. Impey’s song is the most upbeat of the bunch, even surpassing Lupin’s song. I didn’t think it was possible. Yeah, I have no idea what the drama CD is about and since Impey is usually pretty peppy, I can’t really tell if he’s happy or sad so…XD

 photo Impey Barbicane Booklet Inside_zps6est6yfj.jpg
One section of Impey’s lyrics have hiragana/katakana above them. Now, Impey’s English is actually pretty good. I could understand it all without knowing the lyrics prior. Actually, right before his ‘I love you forever’ line, he says in English ‘My princess'<

I don’t really keep up with Japanese voice actors, nor do I know many or am able to recognize many. It took me hearing Impey sing to realize that his voice actor also voices Souji from Hakuouki (which is sad since Souji is my favorite character). Well, I recognized Yuki Kaji right away (his screams are especially recognizable for Diabolik Lovers fans lol).

 photo Impey CD_zpsk9ebaydu.jpg
Yep, it’s orange. spoiler alert, Saint Germain’s is purple. I still really like that record design.

 photo Impey Charm_zpsrrcmj3xz.jpg photo Impey Icon_zpsnptwsrmu.jpg

The limited edition came with a Impey charm. I underestimated how much hair he has apparently because he has a messy bun and hair left down.

I would recommend it if you were already planning on buying the CD, and, while Impey isn’t my favorite character, I personally think his charm design is the second best.

{CD Review} Code: Realize Character CD 3~Victor Frankenstein Limited Edition

 photo cdv2_zpsrc5cmegd.jpg photo cdv3_zpshtzkttcv.jpg
Well, graduation has put me a little behind but here is Victor Frankenstein’s CD.  As per usual, it has a song, off vocal, and drama track.

Song list:
01 優しい予感 -in the morning rays-
02 優しい予感 -in the morning rays- (Off Vocal)
03 とある一夜の語らいにて ~The side of Victor Frankenstein~

The character song is 4:48 long and the drama is 19:01 long.

Sadly, Victor does not have any English lines in the song, but he does have that snazzy braid. Apparently, Lupin, Van, Victor, and Saint-Germain all have braids and I did not notice. The braid looked SO natural on Lupin that I did not even bat an eye but it just stuck out on Van.XD Impey does not have a braid but his hair is pulled back in a messy bun to make up for it.

Much like one would expect, Victor’s song is pretty light and fluffy sounding. It starts out slow but starts to grow and the chorus is pretty upbeat. Since the google translation of the title is ‘friendly premonition’ the ‘in the morning rays’ in the title actually makes some sense (given that translation is in any way correct lol). However, I am not sure why they would separate ‘in the morning rays’ from the rest of the title?O.o

Victor’s lyrics have some hiragana above them like Van’s did.

Honestly, a lot of the time during the drama CD, Victor sounds depressed or very tired? I do not know what is actually being said but he sounds depressed to me anyway.

 photo cdv1_zpscjoi6s7c.jpg

My guess was right. His CD is green. I feel more satisfaction from that than I should…<<.

 photo cdv4_zpsyy1nlvfb.jpg photo cdv5_zpssl33thxu.jpg

The limited edition came with the Victor charm. That braid just fits so well with him it just blends in.XD

I would recommend it if you were already planning on buying the CD as it does not cost all that much more than the regular edition and the shipping was the same price.

{CD Review} Code: Realize Character CD 2~Abraham Van Helsing Limited Edition

 photo cda1_zpsuw4v2jmn.jpg photo cda2_zpsz7j9ohuj.jpg
As I said, here is the Abraham Van Helsing character CD (my favorite character). Like with Lupin’s, Van’s comes with a character song, the off vocal, and a drama track.
Song list:
01 Endless pain(キャラクターソング)
02 Endless pain(Off Vocal)
03 とある一夜の語らいにて~The side of Abraham Van Helsing~(ミニドラマ)

I guess all of the CD’s will have a ‘the side of-‘ drama tracks on them? The character song is 4:21 long and the drama track is 16:09 long.

Van’s song starts off with some adorable Engrish lines, ‘Can’t fade away, I don’t forget it. I’ll never forgive me eternally’. These lines are clearly referencing Van’s guilt over his actions and the actions he did not take, killing the vampires and not being able to save his family. However, some of the symbolism and meaning is lost when you can’t really understand the first line. If I didn’t have the lyrics, I would not really know what he is saying. The second line is easier to understand than the first, but, it really sounds like ‘Cone fade away, I don’t for geh ii. I’m never forgive me eternally’. I mean, that’s what it sounds like to me, but that is AFTER I read the lyrics. Someone just hearing it would probably not even be able to understand that much.

Van’s song is a…rock ballad? Some parts are fairly slow but it has rock music playing. Whenever he says ‘endless pain’, you can tell that is what he is saying (albeit with an extra syllable, but..XD). In the chorus, he says ‘never ending revenge’, but, it actually sounds like he is saying ‘never end revenge’. I think it’s interesting how Lupin’s song focused more on his flirty and gentlemanly nature for the subject of the song whereas Van’s song focuses more on his feelings and back story.

 photo Abraham Van Helsing Booklet Inside_zpsg3k1qqjf.jpg

Another thing to note, the lyrics have hiragana above some of the kanji. Lupins’ did not do this. Now, maybe they are really difficult or obscure words but I would imagine someone with the Japanese ability to play a game set in an old steam punk era would probably know the words? Or at least I would assume that the creators of Code: Realize would assume they would know the words.

I have no idea what the drama CD is about but Van is so…stoic sounding that it is kind of hard to determine what his emotions are.XD He isn’t sad, but he isn’t overly happy either. Of course, Van never sounds overly happy so…<<.

 photo cda3_zpsa4bannbx.jpg
Like I predicted with Lupin’s CD, Van’s CD looks the same but the center is blue instead of Lupin’s red. The colors seem to match up with the color of their initial on the mic stand on the CD cover so I am assuming that Victor’s will be green, Impey’s orange, and Saint’s purple.

 photo cda5_zpsomdnrmag.jpg photo cda4_zpsxctjtnvs.jpg

The limited edition came with a Van charm. Did anyone else notice how the Van charm and the picture of Van on the CD cover both depict him with a braid? This needed to happen~

Like I said with Lupin’s limited edition, I would recommend it if you were already planning on buying the CD as it does not cost all that much more than the regular edition.

{CD Review} Code: Realize Character CD 1~Arsène Lupin Limited Edition

 photo cdl5_zpsywlimgkc.jpg photo cdl1_zpsb8k97ti4.jpg

I really enjoyed Code: Realize and since I love character songs so much, this was bound to happen. Rather than take pictures of the CD, I decided to scan most of the pictures instead.

 photo cdl2_zps1892jwkk.jpg
Look at that smug grin

As per usual character CD format, Lupin’s CD comes with a character song, the off vocal, and a drama track.

Song list:
01 Shall we dance?
02 Shall we dance? (Off Vocal)
03 ミニドラマ とある一夜の語らいにて ~The side of Arsène Lupin~

The character song is 3:46 long and the drama track is 13:02 long.

‘Shall we dance?’ itself is really catchy and, yes, Lupin does say ‘Shall we dance?’ and several other Engrish phrases. While the idea of Lupin asking the player/Cardia to dance fits him really well, the song itself is another thing. The song is surprisingly upbeat and pop dance worthy instead of the expected old-timey waltz or graceful dance. I still really like the song, but I admit that I was a bit disappointed that it did not sound more old-fashioned (and judging by the way that the sample of Abraham’s song sounds, I am going to assume that they are not too concerned with  ‘this game is old-fashioned so it would make sense if the music was too’). Regardless, the song is still really catchy but at times it feels like Impey, the hyperactive bundle of joy of the game, should be singing  it instead.

The drama track sounds very light hearted as Lupin is joking around a lot. I wasn’t expecting some extremely dramatic track but given the story of Code: Realize, is was not sure what I was getting into. Lupin introduces the track and then it starts. The track plays several of the ‘happy’ songs from the soundtrack.

 photo Arsene Lupin Booklet Inside_zpsderj1fu3.jpg
Luckily, the CD came with the lyrics

Here is the OBI, the inside of the case, and the CD itself:

 photo cdl8_zpsmkkrfsmq.jpg photo cdl7_zpszzzj60ru.jpg

 photo cdl3_zpseb6naw67.jpg

While the scan does not show it, the CD actually has lines on it like an old record. This is a nice touch since Code: Realize is set in an old-fashioned yet still technological society. I expect that the other CD’s will look the same yet the ‘red’ part will be a different color. The limited edition OBI is larger than standard OBI since it had to fit on the limited edition box as well as the CD.

Now, this is why you get the limited edition:

 photo cdl6_zpsxlotfunc.jpg photo CDL9_zpsbiivyxm5.jpg
This box included a Lupin charm with a surprisingly small metal chain attached to it.The charm is in a small plastic bag that is lightly glued to white cardboard strip that fits inside the box so the charm shows inside the circle opening. The white cardboard can be taken out of the box without actually removing the charm. However, the charm cannot be taken out of the bag without removing the bag from the white cardboard piece; trying to do this without harming the cardboard is easier said than done.

 photo CDL10_zpskgkqupu3.jpg photo cdl4_zpsvxgpucho.jpg
The charm itself is plastic and is the same picture as what is on the front of the limited edition box.

Would I recommend getting the limited edition? If you were already planning on buying the CD, then paying the little but extra to get the charm is worth it. It was not all that much more expensive as the extra weight was so minimal, it did not increase the shipping any. I was pleasantly surprised with Lupin’s voice as I have not heard his voice actor sing before. Due to that, yes, I would recommend the limited edition.

Since this is a limited edition, the quantities of this are questionable. However, I know for a fact that CDJapan said that they had less than ten copies left back in February and yet now they have restocked so I have no idea how long the limited edition will be available.

{Unboxing} Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Limited Edition {CD Review as well}

 photo dae 1_zpsllomaxem.jpg
I made sure to pre-order this since we all know that it will cost extremely high amounts once NISAmerica runs out. I wanted to wait until I beat the game to show this unboxing (and then I got lazy as well, so…). Some of the pictures are partial spoilers so be warned. Anyway, this is the lovely packaging it came in.

 photo dae 2_zpskn6dvkd3.jpg photo dae 3_zpsjr34nghi.jpg

The first box comes with some pretty cool stuff that will only be cool if you have played the game.

 photo dae 4_zpsrm9da9hk.jpg photo dae 5_zpsptqgxqiv.jpg

The piece on the left is on Kurokuma’s tie and the pin on the right is the pin that the Warriors of Hope wear.

 photo dae 6_zpslcl28re7.jpg photo dae 7_zpsa0bwy3qu.jpg
 photo dae 8_zps9ab38xej.jpg
 photo dae 9_zpsptvf1khn.jpg

This is the main box. Inside we have:

 photo dae 10_zpsyvq3k7mt.jpg photo dae 11_zpsybgvwz5m.jpg

An artbook (that was as much as I was willing to bend it XD). The artbook has character profiles of the major characters and CG’s in it. The profiles have sketches as well and descriptions. For a small artbook, it did have a lot of interesting things in it. However, the CG’s are pretty spoilerific so be prepared if you look at it before you beat the game.

 photo dae 12_zpsz6wcklg4.jpg photo dae 13_zpsqtizwqah.jpg
 photo dae 14_zps83ybxxxb.jpg photo dae 15_zpsyisobhi7.jpg
It also came with a snazzy soundtrack. While the soundtrack does not have all of the songs from the game, it certainly has some of the more iconic songs.

Song list:
2. Let’s Play with Monokuma
3. Ultra? Despair? Girls?
4. Cute Girl’s Battlefield
5. Wonderful Dead 001
6. Warriors of Hope
7. Genocide’s Fever Time
8. It’s a Monokuma World
9. Ultra Despair Girls
10. Ultra Delusional Girls
11. We Cannot Change the World
12. It’s a Kid’s World
13. Versus
14. Crying for the Love in Hell
15. The Way We Live

It includes the Monokuma kid’s song on it, which I thought was pretty surprising since the song is completely Japanese. Other than that, it has songs that are played often, primarily songs when the Warriors of Hope are near by.

 photo dae 16_zpszrr5p0tl.jpg

And lastly, it came with Kurokuma’s tie and eye patch in a separate white box inside the main box. The tie is actual tie size so you could wear it as a tie.

Would I recommend this limited edition over the regular? Yes, especially right now. Some people seem to be selling this pretty cheaply as of right now, but that will not last forever. Unlike the first game’s limited edition (that I do not have), this limited edition is actually worth the price if you are a fan. The game is $40, plus a $15-$20 CD, an artbook worth maybe $15, and the tie, eye path, pin, and tie attachment, are worth a decent amount, making the limited edition actually seems like a pretty good value. The Japanese edition is a lot more expensive, as of now, but has worse things included with it, in my opinion, so, yes, I would recommend getting this limited edition.

{Unboxing} Amnesia: Memories Remnants of Love Keepsake Box {CD Review as well}

 photo amnesia m 1_zpsffbsam7j.jpg photo amnesia m 2_zpsa1kqa4zj.jpg

While the Iffystore shows the contents of the box, I thought that maybe people would like to see actual pictures of the contents and here some thoughts from a fan. Since Shin is the poster boy for the series, it makes sense that he would be on the cover. The dinosaur bones look cool but seem out of place. The back of the box is simple, but works really well with the ‘card’ theme of the game. As you can see, the box has a lid. It is pretty firmly stuck in there so you will have to shake the box a little to get it out.

 photo amnesia m 3_zpsjpszrz8m.jpg

The box is in layers. The layers are really easy to separate since the added a little hole at the top to grab. The first layer has…coasters. When I first saw them on the website, I thought that they were buttons but no, they are coasters.

 photo amnesia m 4_zpsxtvzbdmb.jpgMine came in order from top to bottom: Kent, Toma, Ikki, Shin, Ukyo, not that it matters. They actually have an odd texture to them. They are kind of velvety feeling, not glossy at all as one would expect.

 photo amnesia m 5_zpsvlgpzxqe.jpg photo amnesia m 6_zpsknmne3sj.jpg

The next layer comes with a soundtrack.

 photo amnesia m 7_zpscdyg0wm9.jpg photo amnesia m 8_zps6sjhqjc2.jpg

In case you cannot read the track list, here it is:

  1. Title Theme
  2. Amnesia
  3. Conflict
  4. Malice
  5. Torment
  6. Renewal
  7. Enigma
  8. Riddle
  9. Paradox
  10. Leisure
  11. Everyday
  12. Tranquility
  13. Romance
  14. Investigation
  15. Reminiscence
  16. Time
  17. Peril
  18. Nostalgia
  19. Memories

Most of the songs from the Japanese OST are present except for a few. The track order is not the same though because of this. There is not much to say about the soundtrack as it really does have most, if not all, of the music you hear in the game. The album has a nice mixture of happy and sad songs on it. It is definitely worth listening to.

 photo amnesia m 9_zpspvgsbkav.jpg
Next up is the artbook. It is about the size of the Hakuouki artbook that came with Demon of the Fleeting Blossom.

 photo amnesia m 10_zpssamhgoba.jpg photo amnesia m 11_zpst8ys4xuf.jpg

The artbook has concept sketches, character poses, the different backgrounds of the game, and some CG’s. I love how the book says that Toma is ‘Affectionate (and) Intense’ φ(゚ ω゚//)♡. (Yes, Toma is my bias). I did not notice any terrible errors in the artbook, or any errors for that matter. Surprisingly, Toma was the only character that did not really change from the concept sketches to the final version. He looks ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME because he is perfect.

 photo amnesia m 12_zpsdfoxae0b.jpgLastly, the box came with a body pillow cover. While I would like to take it out, I do not have a body pillow to put it on and if I take it out of the bag, I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO GET IT BACK IN. The bag is fairly tight and that pillow is folded in all sorts of weird ways. I can hardly fold a shirt or blanket, let alone this. However, the site gives a nice picture of it here.

Now, I think I need to mention some of the descriptions that the site gave for the items. The site descriptions are all worth noting. My sarcastic comments and explanations are in bold:

“Ever dreamed about taking a nap with 5 beautiful men on a hot summer day? (Of course I have dreamed of participating in an *abrupt stop* but seriously, I am pretty sure that only a handful of people have dreamed of actually taking a nap with 5 men. Now, ‘taking a nap’ I am sure more people have dreamed of (・ω<)☆) Now you can! A body pillow will fit safe and snug in this pillow case, with zipper closure for added security. You won’t need to look anywhere else for sweet dreams! (Except online because I, an probably a lot of other people, do not have a body pillow laying around)”

“In the game, these men will do anything they can to protect you. (TOMA) Now they’ll take it one step further and protect your tabletop from condensation rings with this set of five coasters! (How many people are actually going to risk ruining the coasters by actually using them…<<? Plus, this sentence is just hilarious. Read it again and try to not laugh) With Shin, Toma, Ikki, Kent, and Ukyo each printed on their own 3.5″ coaster, they’ll always be ready to embrace your cup and keep things from getting too wet. (I do not think I need to explain the English perverted joke that can be made here (^_-))

“A must-have for any amnesiac heroine in a new world (because there are so many), this artbook has over 50+ pages of character information, location names, special illustrations, concept art, and more! (This is true. The artbook does contain all of these things. Did it really have 50+ pages…? I did not actually count but it seemed like less than that. I may be wrong though) Retrieve fragments of your memories by poring over familiar images and learning more about the love of your life… whoever he may be! (this implies that you, the person reading this book, separate from playing the game, have Amnesia OR it implies some serious Fourth Wall stuff)”

“Enhance everyday events in your life with special background music from Amnesia: Memories! (the background music everyone who has played the game has heard) Diverse tracks lend themselves well to suit any mood, whether sweetening more refined and romantic moments, or accurately illustrating the terror and drama of dating life. Make every moment count! (While the tracks being diverse is true, I seriously disagree with them illustrating the terror and drama of dating. Most of what happens in this game, Toma’s stuff, Shin’s mystery, Ikki’s eyes, etc. will not happen to anyone or may happen to less than 5 people [There are probably some crazy yanderes out there and someone may be involved in a love triangle mystery]. The game has so many variables in it that make it unrealistic in my eyes. Maybe you disagree but that is my opinion)”

“All Limited Edition items will be packaged into a sturdy full telescope box.(I looked it up. A telescope box is a box that has a separate top and bottom that fit over one another) Each item is separated by specially designed, layered paper stock for secure storage! (It is really just a piece of cardboard fitted to loosely hold your item in place with a hole at the top to aid you in pulling it….<<)”

While I seemed to be complaining above, it was all in fun. American advertisers oversell their products on every commercial so I can hardly blame Idea Factory for adding some adjectives to their product description. I just thought that some of their descriptions were funny.XD

Would I recommend this limited edition? YES. Go get it. If you like Amnesia at all, go buy it. As of right now, it is still available but it will not be forever. I got the Steam pack but either version is fine. The artbook is nice, the soundtrack is pretty, you get coasters for some reason, and who can complain about getting a body pillow with “5 beautiful men on a hot summer day”? (・ω<)