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{Otome Review} 7 Dates: Second Date~GirlsGoGames

You play as Kim (whose name is only shown in the description of one of the various uploads of this game). She has a scrapbook with guy’s pictures in it, you pick a guy, talk to him, and try to go on a date with him (that we never see). Somehow, this game has less plot than the first.

General Information:

  • Where to get: Gamesgames.com {still a beautiful website name}
  • Cost: The game is free
  • Love Interests: Seven (male)
  • Time to beat: Around 10 minutes

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{Rant} Problems with Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly {SPOILERS FOR WHOLE GAME}

A while back, I posted a rant about Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly on the Otome Games reddit. I looked back at the post again and realized that I was still sufficiently annoyed enough that I felt the need to talk about it here as well. Some of the stuff will be copied and pasted from that post since a lot of my complaints haven’t changed, but I’m going to make edits and add more thoughts.

As the title says, this has spoilers for the whole game.

I’m not kidding.

Stop reading if you haven’t finished the game or don’t mind everything being spoiled.

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{Otome Review} Heaven’s Grave~Blackcross & Taylor {18+}

Heaven’s Grave follows Arha (name changeable), a shrine maiden in a small village. The sun sets for multiple days, then comes back and stays at dawn, and just keeps moving randomly. Then water begins to dry up, etc. Soon three Nakami (Gods) appear in her shrine, all in human form, and need her help leading them to the First Temple in order to save the world from the impending apocalypse.

I do want to make this clear: I was contacted by the developers and sent a free download of the game in exchange for an honest review. Getting the game for free did not deter any negative reactions or make me write a 100% positive review, as you will see below.

General Information:

  • Where to get: itch.io page/Steam
  • Cost: $16
  • Love Interests: Three (male)
  • Endings: 7
  • First play through time: About two hours
  • Time to get all endings: About 6 and a half hours (with a cat)

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{Otome Review} My World, My Way~Atlus

Elise is a princess who wants to find a handsome man to marry. An adventurer (the purple-haired guy on the cover) comes to one of her balls and she is immediately smitten. Too bad he’s a jerk and refuses to acknowledge her existence because she’s royalty and not an adventurer. Elise sets off on an adventure to prove her adventuring worth, all the while, the entire adventure (towns, bosses, dungeons, etc.) are being commissioned by her father.

The big selling point of the game is Elise’s “pout” mechanism. She has the ability to pout so much that things pop in and out of existence. She can change the scenery, paralyze enemies, make monsters stronger/weaker, increase item chance, etc. all with the powers of “pouting.” I have to say, the gimmick was pretty fun.

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{Otome/Bishoujo Review} Love Rush~Krisantus

Love Rush follows a male floating head and a female floating head as they go around asking people out since they have a seven day deadline to get a date.

General Information:

  • Where to get: Newgrounds page
  • Cost: Free
  • Love Interests: Three (male), three (female)
  • Endings: Six, but basically three
  • Time to get all endings: Around 5 minutes

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{Otome Review} Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure~NIS America {DS}

Cornet, a girl who can talk to puppets, has to save Prince Ferdinand who she has fallen in love with at first sight. The game is a musical RPG.

The game play is much like other RPGs where you walk around form area to area and there is a map screen that lets you select where you go. The game is way easier than other RPG’s I have played though. A full play-through took me less than 24 hours (somewhere around 18, and that was doing some of the side quests you don’t have to do), so don’t expect to be playing this game a long time. The game had adorable graphics, and being able to use puppets in battle was a neat idea. The biggest game play problem is that there were several times where I had no idea where to go. Once I had to find someone, and it turns out they were in a place I had been hours ago. They weren’t there for any logical reason, they just were.

But the biggest problem is I can’t stress enough how TERRIBLE the DS version is compared to the PS1 edition. I’m going to make a list of some differences just to show how bad this disparity is.
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