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{Walkthrough/Guide} Summer Paradise Redux~Godline + Ran

Here is a walkthrough to Summer Paradise Redux. This game has some extra choices compared to the original. A guide for the original Summer Paradise can be found here, written by the author of the game: https://ainoshiki.wordpress.com/games/summer-paradise/walkthrough/

All of these choices are what got me these endings, but I’m sure there are other ways to do it. These are just the methods I know work. The game works on a points system, so I included areas you can save in routes to get different endings if you want, but I’ll list all the choices again so you don’t have to scroll.

If anyone gets Mark’s neutral end to work, please let me know! It seems to be broken in the original game and in the redux.

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{Otome Review} Summer Paradise~Ran + Summer Paradise Redux~Godline

Original title screen
Redux title screen

Summer Paradise and Redux follow Casey, a girl coming back to her home town on vacation after having been gone for years. There, she has to try to find a date for a party going on. Could one of her childhood friends be her date? Or could someone else?

Summer Paradise was created by Ran, a visual novel writer and creator. The game features free assets. Later, for NaNoRenO 2017, the visual novel group Godline picked the game up and made an updated remake of the game called Summer Paradise Redux. They consulted with Ran and added bonus scenes, CG’s and a CG gallery, and sprites made for the game.

General Information:

  • Where to get original: Itch.io page
  • Where to get redux: Itch.io page
  • Cost: Free
  • Love Interests: Four (male)
  • Endings: 11 (one is broken in both versions of the game though)
  • First play through time: Roughly an hour
  • Time to get all endings in either version: About two and a half hours

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{Otome Review} Munster Academy~Ran

Munster Academy follows Lyra (name changeable), a werewolf who lived her life as a human. Once she figures out she was adopted, she decides to go to an academy for monsters. There she meets Bryce, a rude vampire, and Maiko, a fellow werewolf.

General Information:

  • Where to get: Itch.io page
  • Cost: The game is free
  • Love Interests: Two (male)
  • Endings: I got three endings (there may be more, but I really do not think there are)
  • First play through time: A little less than an hour
  • Time to get all endings: Max an hour and a half

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