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{Figure Review} Juzo Sakakura~Danganronpa

I have to admit, Juzo was my favorite part of DRV3. Every week I’d wait patiently for Juzo to come on and start throwing chairs and yelling at people. He was by far the most entertaining character XD.

The figure is pretty detailed. There is paint on the small parts of his coat, and the paint looked perfect. I was expecting at least one spot to have paint problems, as official figures have them too, so I’m glad that this official figure did not. His hair isn’t as greenish as it is in the anime, it’s a lot darker, which I thought was odd. However, given how this figure is form the Future arc, where his hair looked darker due to the lighting, it may have been on purpose.

The figure is actually really bulky and weighed a heck of a lot more than I expected. When holding it to take pictures, his weight was pulling my wrist down <<. I ordered a Komaeda figure, but there were problems with the seller and my order got cancelled. At least I got Juzo.

I really appreciated the attention to detail. The silver paint really stands out on the otherwise dark colored figure.

My box is a little worse for wear (as you can see in the top right corner). One of the sides was pretty beat up as well. Of course, it did ship basically from the other side of the planet, so I can’t complain toooooooo much.

Should you buy?:

Overall, I really like the figure. I have a Luka figure that cost me about the same price but is a good 2 inches shorter, has less detail, and feels cheaper made. If you’re a fan of Juzo (you love him or hate him), go ahead and pick one up before they get too expensive.

{Unboxing} Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Limited Edition {CD Review as well}

I made sure to pre-order this since we all know that it will cost extremely high amounts once NISAmerica runs out. I wanted to wait until I beat the game to show this unboxing (and then I got lazy as well, so…). Some of the pictures are partial spoilers so be warned. Anyway, this is the lovely packaging it came in.

The first box comes with some pretty cool stuff that will only be cool if you have played the game. The piece on the left is on Kurokuma’s tie and the pin on the right is the pin that the Warriors of Hope wear.

This is the main box. Inside we have:

An artbook (that was as much as I was willing to bend it XD). The artbook has character profiles of the major characters and CG’s in it. The profiles have sketches as well and descriptions. For a small artbook, it did have a lot of interesting things in it. However, the CG’s are pretty spoilerific, so be prepared if you look at it before you beat the game.

It also came with a snazzy soundtrack. While the soundtrack does not have all of the songs from the game, it certainly has some of the more iconic songs.

Song list:
2. Let’s Play with Monokuma
3. Ultra? Despair? Girls?
4. Cute Girl’s Battlefield
5. Wonderful Dead 001
6. Warriors of Hope
7. Genocide’s Fever Time
8. It’s a Monokuma World
9. Ultra Despair Girls
10. Ultra Delusional Girls
11. We Cannot Change the World
12. It’s a Kid’s World
13. Versus
14. Crying for the Love in Hell
15. The Way We Live

It includes the Monokuma kid’s song on it, which I thought was pretty surprising since the song is completely Japanese. Other than that, it has songs that are played often, primarily songs when the Warriors of Hope are near by.

And lastly, it came with Kurokuma’s tie and eye patch in a separate white box inside the main box. The tie is actual tie size so you could wear it as a tie.

Would I recommend this limited edition over the regular? Yes, especially right now. Some people seem to be selling this pretty cheaply as of right now, but that will not last forever. Unlike the first game’s limited edition (that I do not have), this limited edition is actually worth the price if you are a fan. The game is $40, plus a $15-$20 CD, an artbook worth maybe $15, and the tie, eye path, pin, and tie attachment, are worth a decent amount, making the limited edition actually seems like a pretty good value. The Japanese edition is a lot more expensive, as of now, but has worse things included with it, in my opinion, so, yes, I would recommend getting this limited edition.

{Unboxing} Amnesia: Memories Remnants of Love Keepsake Box {CD Review as well}

While the Iffystore shows the contents of the box, I thought that maybe people would like to see actual pictures of the contents and here some thoughts from a fan. Since Shin is the poster boy for the series, it makes sense that he would be on the cover. The dinosaur bones look cool but seem out of place. The back of the box is simple, but works really well with the ‘card’ theme of the game. As you can see, the box has a lid. It is pretty firmly stuck in there so you will have to shake the box a little to get it out.

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{Unboxing} Hakuoki Warriors of the Shinsengumi Pre-Order Edition

Another Hakuouki game but this one is not really a visual novel. I have decided to sadly talk about this game. Since this is an unboxing, I will not talk about the game itself too much but just know that this game is primarily a run around fighting game with some visual novel conversations. The back of the box shows this off really well. What it does not show is that there are two different stories for each character, a new story created for the game that is in no way canon, and the story that the original game follows (but more like the anime since it uses clips from the anime -_-). The photos on the back are only from the ‘made for this game’ story. Each of the characters got new outfits for the ‘new’ story, as shown on the box. Chikage has a boa and honestly looks like a pimp….not that that is a bad thing (〃・ω・〃)

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{Unboxing} Nameless The One Thing You Must Recall Limited Edition {CD Review as well}






I admit, I really like Cheritz’s games. I plan on always buying their boxed editions from now on. That leads me to their second game, Nameless. While I enjoyed Dandelion more, Nameless certainly has a lot to offer. The box cover has an air of mystery to it and only really makes sense after you have played the game. While the cover looks nice, it does not show off any of the characters. However, the cover is so symbolic that I am willing to let that slide.

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{Unboxing} Hakuoki Memories of the Shinsengumi Limited Edition {American Version}

In case you cannot tell, the box is not made very well and is kind of lopsided in the picture on the right.

Having played the first PSP Hakuouki game (and the Warrior one, but that is for another sad time), the main reason for me to get this game was the added stories, memories, the photo editor, and the bonus items that came with the game. Do not be fooled, that is basically all this game has going for it. It is just Demon of the Fleeting Blossom with some bonus content and surprisingly more save slots. A big tip off is the back of the box using CG’s from the first game. At least most of the CG’s were from early in the game so as to not spoil anything. The game box advertises itself about as well as the first game. Claiming that ‘supernatural’ things are going on will always give off the wrong impression. Most people do not immediately think “Oh, they must mean demons and blood thirsty half breeds” when they hear ‘supernatural’.

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{Unboxing} Hakuoki Demon of the Fleeting Blossom Limited Edition {CD Review as well}

Does it annoy anyone else that they took a ‘u’ out of the title?

The box art looks nice, but would be very confusing for someone who does not know the plot. Speaking of the plot, the description on the box tells you ALMOST ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the game. It is set in Japan, the main character’s name is Chizuru, *insert history lesson*, and Chizuru and the Shinsengumi are both looking for her father. Well, that’s helpful. The box advertises that there may be some supernatural things going on in Kyoto, but without more explanation, most people will just assume that they mean that there are ghosts. Good job box, now people think the game is about a girl and some samurai looking for her father while ghosts are doing something.

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{Unboxing} Dandelion Wishes Brought to You Limited Edition {CD Review as well}

I have beaten this game a long time ago, but I figured that I might as well do an unboxing for it. For some reason, the title on the front of the box is in English while the lid of the box and the back of the box are in Korean. The whole box should be in Korean since all countries got the same box, to my knowledge. I could be wrong though. Considering Jiyeon is not the main character of the game, I find it odd that he seems to be the highlighted character on the box. I am glad that the Wizard got some recognition on the back of the box.

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