{Walkthrough/Guide} Diabolik Lovers Limited V Edition English Patch~Rejet + Otogetranslations

This is a walkthrough/guide for the English patch of Diabolik Lovers Limited V Edition by Otogetranslations (that I helped out with as well <3). You can get the patch here: http://otomevn.com/diabolik-lovers-limited-v-edition-english-patch/

This is the home page for the guide. Each boy has his own separate page since the guides get long. Click on a boy’s picture to be taken to his guide.

Basic information about the game’s format:

After the prologue, the routes are split into different segments: Dark, Maniac, and Ecstasy. Each segment has a prologue, epilogue, and 10 chapters. The chapters aren’t very long, so they’re more like 10 scenes. These scenes are split again: the first six scenes focus on raising the love meter, while the last four scenes focus on the S and M meters. The love meter allows you to advance in the game.

The endings are split based how S or M you are. There are three endings, good, normal, and bad. Some scenes also have a section where you have to pick the two correct words out of the monologue in order to unlock the Heaven scenarios. The Heaven scenarios unlock after completing Ending 1. The V edition includes an After Story that you get after completing Ending 1. The V edition also includes some CG’s that have a touch feature where if you touch them in certain places, you get extra sound clips. The Character Profiles unlock after beating all of the endings for that character.

You must beat one of the triplet’s routes, Ayato/Kanato/Laito, before the other three will unlock.



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